Things to Learn from A Child to Have A Better Life

Did you ever feel sad after playing with a child ? NO, right ?
Have you ever wondered why are they so lovely & happy all the time?
Let’s try to decode and learn from them. Once the reality hits you hard, children are the best teacher you can learn to have a better life from.
There are endless things we can learn from them, and today will try to learn a few things that might help us fight daily life stress that are not helping us to be happy.

Sleep like them!

Yes you read it right! The first and foremost is to sleep like a kid. We are the only living creatures that compromise on our sleep. Whenever a child feels tired he’ll sleep straight away no matter whatever they might be doing, but as we grow we start compromising our sleep the reasons can be work, exams, night-outs, using smartphones till late and much more. All our physical & mental development goes under repairing when we are asleep and not just sleep but a deep sleep. Having a deep sleep will help your skin glow, you’ll feel physically & mentally more energetic every morning you wake up.

Forget & Forgive Easily

Of course don’t forget your phone password easily, you might add up to your stress then – Just Kidding. You might be thinking that everyone knows we should forgive & forget easily but the real question is do we practice that in daily life ? Ask yourself. Be like a child who is carefree & forget things so easily like it didn’t happen in the first place. The real reason is we’re too conscious of the people around us now compared to as when we were kids. As kids we lived every moment carefree, without any calculations, overthinking or fears about future, that made our living much better. One day at a time.

Believe in your actions

We all have seen kids doing something so ambitious that we know they won’t succeed in the first try but they’ll never think like that and still go on doing it. The same is with people, once they think that they won’t be able to do it or become successful in doing something, the chances are they’ll definitely fail in most of the cases even if they have the potential to achieve. As Paulo Coehlo says “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” The desire should be without any doubt and you will see how positive you’ll feel.
All in all as there is a famous saying ‘never let the child in you die for it teaches you how to live’. Mental health is very important in living a happy life and as important as physical health. If you feel you that you need help regarding mental health or any of your friends, family or people around you suffering from mental health problems, we have the founder of Mr. Mikul Patel, who is going to inform and speak about mental health on 15th December, 2019 at TEDxLakhotaLake 2019: The Big Picture. His blog on mental health & happiness can be read here.

Blog Author:

Heet Malde

TEDxLakhotaLake 2019

Blog Author

Heet Malde

TEDxLakhotaLake 2019