Become A Partner

Why is TEDxLakhotaLake the right partner for you?
    • Do you believe in bringing business and people who want to be change agents together and surrounding them with remarkable thinking and ideas ?
    • Do you want to leverage ideas, technologies, design and education to help create a better future?
    • Do you believe in business investing in the local community to support innovation and the power of ideas ?

TEDxLakhotaLake offers you the opportunity to celebrate the power of ideas and grow your brand. Join us, associating your organization with a world leader in spreading innovative ideas. Meet our community of thought leaders and expose your brand world-wide.

TEDxLakhotaLake is a fantastic place to expose your brand to leaders, innovators and change makers.
Partnering can be cash or in-kind. According to your budget, we can match your goals with the needs of the events.